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Africa Lake - Tensas National Wildlife Refuge

Updated: May 16, 2023

Africa Lake Louisiana - Sit on Top Kayak.

This is a pleasant and remote spot on the Tensas National Wildlife Refuge. On the Fourth of July we were the only people here.

The drive to get here consists of a lot of gravel roads and cell phone coverage is minimal. The road to the boat ramp was perhaps a bit much for our Prius, so we launched from the picnic area and used a rope to lower the kayak down a 4 meter steep slope to where we launched.

This is not a huge bit of bayou, but a holiday paddle in a quiet and solitude was a treat.

There are alligators all around, and they get very big here, so be aware of that. I have never had a gator problem, but I give them their space. That said, I would not let my dog unattended at the water's edge and I leash her to my kayak so she won't fall overboard.

You should consider a map of the refuge as an important bit of gear. Not all the roads are on Google maps, and the satellite has the roads obscured by trees.

This is not an all day paddle, but it was fun and worthwhile. There are other paddle spots nearby (e.g. Tensas River), so you can have a fun time exploring the area.

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