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Campsite  & Hotel Reviews

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Puerto Rico Hotel and Campsite Reviews

Below is a review of some the campsite locations and hotels I stayed at during my journey around Puerto Rico.  These will be useful for paddlers planning their next adventure.

Puerto Rico - San Juan - Contado Beach - Rockpool Taran Kayak

Sandy Beach Hotel in San Juan

This Hotel in San Juan turned out to be the most convenient place I could have stayed. Reasonably priced (for Puerto Rico, everything there is expensive), it is located right on the beach, which makes it an easy place to get your kayak launched to start any paddling trip around Puerto Rico. However, unless you have a sectional 3 piece kayak like me, it will be difficult to get your kayak through the hallway into the hotel patio, because there are some very tight corners.

Rio Cibuco Bay

First Campsite of the Trip. The bay is sheltered from the wind, but the beach is extremely steep and short, would not recommend camping here. 

Arecibo Beach

The beach here is sheltered from the wind, and is wide with a flat shelf which is good for camping. Across the river towards the lighthouse there is a restaurant called Islote with a garden hose where you can have a freshwater rinse.

Playa Jobos

This beach can have big waves, but the part immediately behind the headland is sheltered. Lots of people come to this beach, so you probably want to pitch your tent after everyone is gone. The local surf shop has a shower for a good rinse. This is one of the few good landing spots on the Northwest Coast before getting into the Mona passage on the West, so I would recommend staying here for the night and then paddling around the northwest cape early the next morning.

Aguadilla Beach 

Immediately south of town along the north shore of the Rincon Peninsula is a long wide beach that is good for camping. try to go far enough along the beach so you aren't too close to town. 

Yukayeke Resort

The Yukayeke is a beachside hotel with comfortable rooms and a swimming pool. I would have loved to stay here, but they were having a quincenera and the place was booked full.

Los Pozos Beach

This beach has a camping area and is a good stopping point before taking the headwinds along the South coast. It's probably a good idea to round the Southwest corner of Puerto Rico in the morning when the winds are calmer. 

This beach is very crowded. Better to go a little further before getting to the town of Santa Ana where there is a more secluded stretch of sand. 

Jungle Beach in Santa Ana

Solace Beach

This beach is right next to the highway, and the area is very dirty with trash, so not a pleasant place to camp, unless you have to.  It's also very busy with people. Pitch your tent after dark so no one sees you're there.

Motel Marbella

This is a roadside hotel about a 1/4 mile from the beach. The beach is steep to land at low tide, so try to time your arrival here close to the high tide. The hotel is really cheap and comfortable to stay the night, but there isn't anything around to see or do.

Full Moon Hotel in Salinas

The hotel is in the marina with next to a rocky beach, but with very easy access from the kayak. Best to get a room on the ground floor so you are next to the kayak.  

Paddle Paradise in Caguas

If you are stuck on land for a few days and you have a vehicle, this is a great place to stop for a meal in a pleasant setting next to a reservoir. It the owner is an avid kayaker and he will give you good tips for where you might be headed on your journey. 

California Beach

Wide beach with plenty of room for camping. There is a small settlement next to the beach with friendly locals where you may be able to get a place to shower.

Punta Santiago Beach

Not a particularly pleasant place to camp , but good enough if it's late in the day. It's next to the road and cars come and go in the parking lot, so pitch your tent after everyone is gone.  There is a gas station and mini mart in town where you can get supplies.

Isla Pineros

Very good wide beach to camp in, however, there isn't much to do on land here. The interior is off-limits because of unexploded ordinances, so don't go bush-wacking.

Seven Seas Beach

This a pleasant campground with shower facilities, you can also walk into Farjado, but it is quite far to go on foot, and taxis are few. The best past time here is to walk out to the light house or to some other nearby beaches through the trails. The beaches are scenic and remote, and you will probably be one of the only people there.

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