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WRSI Kayak Current Helmet

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

4 Stars

I got the WRSI Kayak Current Helmet at a Raffle in one of the Lumpy Waters Symposium in Oregon. I had hoped to get the Dry Suit they give away every year, but this was a very nice present. the helmet has a lot of padding and is very comfortable, and has a very snug fit once you adjust the size strap (its a little bit tricky, but you only need to do it once). If you dip underwater, the helmet drains very quickly and doesn't turn into a water bucket and dries quickly.

Usually this type of helmet is used by white water paddlers, but it works just as well for a day of surfing in the swells. You'll need it in case you flip over in the shallows or while you're doing some rock gardening.

The video below from Frontanec Outfittlers gives a great description of the WRSI Current helmet.

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