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Updated: Feb 29

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I'm happy to announce that SafeVision Prescription Safety Glasses will be sponsoring me with set of Prescription Sun Goggles for my kayaking journey around the UK and Ireland!

If you happen to be short sighted like me and need to wear prescription lenses to see, you know that having a robust pair while you're on the kayak is essential! You need something that won't slip off your head when the big wave rolls you.

SafeVision Goggles have been my trusted companions on all my trips. I'm wearing a pair on nearly all the photographs from my kayak from my trips around Florida, Puerto Rico, and Vancouver Island.

They made as made a special Coupon code for me to give away to YOU. The folks I meet along the way. If you buy a pair, use the code SAFEVISIONAMK2024 and you can get an EXTRA 20% discount from now until December 31, 2024.

In addition, in the spirit of giving back, for every person (up to 40 people) that sends me a photo of themselves wearing a pair of googles on their kayak, from now until the end of the journey, I will make a $5 donation in your name to St Mungo's, a charity helping the homeless in the south of England, provided you let me use the photo to make a collage.

You can also sponsor 1 mile of my trip, with a $5 donation to St Mungo's by clicking the image or link below.

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Feb 28
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