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Rounding Cape Scott

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Paddling around Cape Scott is a big undertaking and should be done with favorable weather conditions. If paddling from north to south you will want an ebbing tide and a light north breeze. The tidal flow here is about 3 knots.

There are two routes you can pick. Close to shore, or offshore.

If you paddle close to shore, you will want light winds and good visibility to make it through the kelp beds and sea cliffs where ocean swells will be breaking. The waters around the cape are very shallow.

The You Tube video below from Wilds Coast gives you an idea of what it looks like to paddle through the kelp beds in foggy buy calm weather.

The video below from Tony P shows a group of Kayakers taking the inside route on a calm sunny day.

If visibility is poor (there can be a lot of fog here), or the sea is rough, then take the offshore route. You will likely encounter choppy waters right as you round the cape, where the tidal flow changes direction and meets the southwest swell. Conditions should improve as you continue south and the water gets deeper. If taking the offshore route, you should keep your wits about you for any vessels.

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