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Pemberton Point & Around

Updated: May 16, 2023

Pemberton Point (a/k/a Windmill Point) in Hull, MA is an excellent launch site for a paddle to the inner and outer Boston Harbor Islands.

The pebble beach on the south side of the point is a great spot for launching your trip.

After launching, you can head north through Hull Gut and cross Nantasket Roads to Georges Island or cross the Gut and explore Peddocks if you don't want to venture out into the outer harbor. This is probably the best launch site to head out to Graves Light which marks the entrance to Boston Harbor.

Parking is VERY limited. Arrive early for the best access. DO NOT park in the High School lot.

Note: that there is a strong tidal current through Hull Gut, so time your adventure to avoid paddling through the Gut against the current. Be cautious of boat traffic - especially the harbor ferries that run to Hull and Hingham. Nantasket Roads can get really busy (and REALLY choppy) on a summer weekend, so keep your head on a swivel and your group together as you cross.

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