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Peanut Island

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Florida - West Palm Beach - Peanut Island - Rockpool Taran - Kayak Sailing

Peanut Island is a large spoil island made from the dredging if the Lakeworth Inlet. and is a popular destination for day tourists and overnight campers. The beach is an easy landing.

There are good facilities, including beach showers and bathrooms but there is a fee to camp overnight. You reserve a spot on the their website.

The island was originally created in 1918 as a result of dredging the inlet, and it was named after the peanut oil shipping terminal that was once located on the island.

If you spend the day, you can visit John F. Kennedy Bunker, which was built during the Cold War as a bomb shelter for President Kennedy in the event of a nuclear attack. The bunker is open for tours and offers a glimpse of Cold War History.

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