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Okefenokee Cabins and Around.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Okefenokee Cabins

If you plan on crossing the Okefenokee Swamp, you will want to spend a night at the Okefenokee Cabins. They have comfortable and have ample space to keep your kayak. There is a small convenience store on site, but hardly anything is worth buying unless you really like nachos Doritos. You can call or book ahead on their website.

It's about a 6 mile walk to the boat ramp at the eastern entrance to the swamp. You will and you have to pay a park entrance fee.

Make sure to confirm with the park service that the swamp is passable on your kayak. In the dry season there may not be enough water across, and you will be wading through a swamp full of alligators for the last 5 miles. You will also need to call the park service to reserve one of the campsites in the swamp, unless you plan on crossing the swamp in one day (Not advisable. If you don't make it, it will be a night spent with the alligators).

If the swamp is not passable, then you either have to walk back to Trader Hill and paddle to St George, or walk the 20 miles down the highway.

Rockpool Taran Kayak on the road -  portage

The walk down the highway is dangerous. Stay on the road shoulder on the side of incoming traffic, so you see the trucks coming. There are a lot of logging trucks on the road, and when they pass you by it's like being next to a locomotive. Make sure you are clearly visible

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