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Crandon Park Marina

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Crandon Park Marina - Key Biscayne

Crandon Park Marina is one the principal launch points for large recreation vessels in northern Biscayne Bay. Boats as large as 80 feet long can launch from the various ramps. It gets really busy here, especially on the weekend and holidays. You will see pickup trucks with their boats in tow lining up on the northbound Crandon Boulevard early in the morning, and it only gets worse as the day goes on. It can take hours to get your boat on the water, and even longer to get out in the evening when all the day trippers want to head home.

The main benefit of this marina for the passing kayaker are the restrooms, showers where you can rinse off the salt, and the laundry facility if you need to wash your clothes.

I would not advise landing on the boat ramp itself as you might be charged a fee. The fees for all the marinas in northern Biscayne bay can be found in the Miami-Dade County Website.

The beach on the east corner of the marina north of the boat slips is a better option for kayaks. It's sandy and you will be less than a minute walk from the visitor parking lot.

Do not try to stealth camp here. The cops regularly patrol the area at night, and the Miami Police can be trigger happy.

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