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Cape Horn Is Not a Gift - by Freya Hoffmeister

Updated: Aug 5

This is a book by Freya Hoffmeister about her kayaking journey around South America. I found that the book be entertaining and revealing about the various challenges she faced during the adventure.

However, I would personally have liked if she had been a bit more descriptive about the places and people she saw during the journey. There were a few times when the story seemed a bit rushed. A good editor would have picked up on certain themes and ideas and said, "hey, this is interesting, expand a bit more on this idea, or what else happened here, what did you see, what emotions did this incident stir up at the time, tie this event to something about your life so the reader know more about you."

In other words, the book was a bit too short. I would also note that there are quite a few grammatical errors which could be forgiven as English is not her native language, but a copyeditor would have polished things up.

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