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PART1 - PROLOGUE & THE ATLANTIC COAST - Nov. 21st - 30 Days to Departure

Updated: Jan 29

It has been a little over 2 years since I returned from the California bicycle adventure in mostly one piece held together with metal screws and a steel plate in my shoulder. But now time has passed, bones have healed, and the thirst to see new places, once a time satiated, once again yearns to seek new places anew.

I sense now, that very soon, will again be that rare fitting time in life when circumstances align for the purpose of another great feat! The weather will soon be neither too hot nor too cold; the machine for propulsion is ready and in my possession, a generous quantity of energy is stored around my abdomen, a narrow window of calm weather at work is materializing, and I have an enviable accumulation of paid time off.

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With a little luck from heaven, on solstice next month, there will be a strong and yet gentle breeze blowing steadily from the Southeast to carry me along the coast; for in about 50 days, I will circumnavigate the state of Florida, by kayak! From my house on Key Biscayne and back, to the same sandy beach, will be some 1,200 blue miles of oceans, beaches, rivers and swamps; if fishes, alligators, Burmese pythons, crabs or the odd redneck don’t eat my thumbs along the way, I will reach to find words that will have you in the journey with me, if not in person, then at least in spirit.

To be continued....


Around Florida by Kayak Map


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